QLIK Sense developer

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Job Description as below. 2-10 years of experience as a Qlik sense Developer in the Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of business application systems. Knowledge in developing data modeling, Front end and BI reports in Qlik sense. Good knowledge and understanding of overall architecture with respect to Qliksense server and publisher, Qliksense Management Console. Experience in implementing security for the Qliksense applications. Extensive experience in basic components of Qliksense Enterprise like List Boxes, Multi Boxes, Table Boxes, Text Objects, Book Mark Objects, Search Objects, Charts, Pivot Tables, Straight Tables, Line/Arrow Objects, Buttons, etc. Experience in designing Qliksense Document/User Setting, Layouts to make consistent and professional optimized look to Clients. Experience in implementing and supporting production of Qliksense apps. Hands on experience in formulating KPI’s within Qliksense using functions and set analysis. Experience in development of Qliksense scripts for Data Modelling along with resolving Synthetic Key and Circular Loop issues. Hands on experience in troubleshooting and optimizing Qliksense loads and application experience. Experience in optimizing existing Qliksense reports with a focus on usability, performance, flexibility, testability, and standardization. Strong understanding of Dimensional Modelling technique, Multi-dimensional database Schemas like Star Schema, Snow flake Schema, Fact and Dimensional tables, Section Access, Set Analysis in Qliksense and DW concepts. Expertise in working with relational databases such as Oracle 11g/9i. Having extensive experience on visualization and performance tuning. Strong knowledge on joins and Concatenation to avoid synthetic keys and circular references. Implemented Alternative states and What-if Analysis to provide custom functionality in Qliksense Applications and Hands-on experience on Set Analysis and Link Table. Excellent team player with very good communication skills. Thank you.




QLIK Sense developer


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