Staff Engineer – S3 Developer

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About our group:

This group is developing a new storage software platform designed for cloud storage products and focused on scalability, extensibility and reuse.

About the role – you will:

  • S3 Staff developer will work with the internal Seagate team, its customers, and the object store industry to develop a resilient, high performing storage platform.

  • The position requires system development experience and knowledge of Object Storage and/or S3 Server/Application Architecture and design.

  • Will understand the implementation details of the storage system at the source code level.

  • Will take complete ownership of the design and development of S3 like Server in C++ and deal with issues including large scale data organization, algorithm scalability, asynchronous communication, efficient concurrency, reliability and fault tolerance.

  • Will identify, debug performance and reliability issues of the storage system.

  • Design and development of new features/enhancements/fixes to the source code.

  • Review of the source code for features and defect fixes.

  • Develop architecture and designs documents code.

  • Communicates with team and managers to develop optimal solutions and report progress.

  • Shares best practices with peer groups.

About you:

  • Technical Expert in S3 Server/protocol with proven external eminence

  • Deep systems development experience

  • Actively pursues opportunities for learning and self-development

  • Quick learner in adapting new technologies

Your experience includes:

  • Understanding of storage system architectures: storage media types, communication media and protocols. Typical capacity, throughput and latency values, failure modes.

  • Working experience with S3 Server technology is highly desired.

  • Understanding of modern server architectures: processors, caches, cores, NUMA, concurrency control mechanisms.

  • Thorough understanding of the Java programming language and tools (JDK 7, Maven, Junit)

  • Thorough understanding of the C++ programming language and tools (compilers, linkers, profilers)

  • Understanding of the basic UNIX and experience in programming in UNIX environment.

  • Understanding of and experience with concurrent programming.

  • Understanding of distributed systems is desired (shared memory vs. message passing, asynchronous systems, two phase commit, Paxos).

  • Knowledge of LDAP protocol and its functioning is desired.



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